12th Annual JPK Trust
Legal Excellence Awards 2018


The 19th Anniversary of the Judge JP Karuaihe Trust and the 12th Annual JPK Trust Legal Excellence Awards took place on Friday, 23 November 2018 at the Safari Court Hotel and Conference Centre. For the sixth time, the JPK Trust Legal Excellence Awards ceremony took place on the same day and prior to the LSN AGM.

Since the awards are centered around legal practitioners and law students the LSN created an opportunity for its members to be present when future legal practitioners and their peers are awarded for their achievements.

Legal Excellence Awards

Best Student Awards
The LSN received the names of the best students from the Justice Training Centre and University of Namibia, respectively.

Best JTC Student for 2017
Stefanie K Busch achieved an average of 72% respectively in all 11 subjects.

Best LLB Final Year Student for 2017
Vilho Kadumo Mbangu achieved an average of 71% in the LLB programme.

Legal Excellence Award for Social Responsibility
Many of the LSN members contribute to society but they do not always ‘advertise’ their good deeds. The LSN thanks them for their contributions to society and trust that the good deeds will continue in future. Florian Beukes, on behalf of Metcalfe Attorneys accepted the award for Social Responsibility.

Legal Excellence Award for Human Rights
No award was handed out this year for Human Rights.

Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi (Judge JP Karuaihe Trust – Director, on behalf of the JPK Trust, presented Stefanie Busch with the trophy. Meyer van den Berg, on behalf of the LSN, presented Stefanie Busch with a LSN voucher in the amount of N$3,500.00.

Florian Beukes, on behalf of Metcalfe Attorneys accepted the award for Social Responsibility from Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi and Meyer van den Berg.

Meyer van den Berg (Chairperson), Saima Nambinga (Vice Chairperson), Umbi Karuaihe-Upi, Ramon Maasdorp, Ngamane Karuaihe-Upi, Florian Beukes (Legal Excellence Award for Social Responsibility). Absent: Vilho Kadumo Mbangu and Stefanie Busch.


We thank the JPK Trust for joining hands with the LSN to honour the achievements. The LSN congratulates the JPK Trust with its 19th Anniversary and wishes the JPK Trust much success with their future endeavours. The LSN trusts that their commitment to providing bursaries to deserving candidates to study law and

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